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Date/place of birth: August 1962 / Mulhouse
Domicile: Gentilly (Val de Marne/France)
Work: System and Network Manager at Observatoire de Paris
Employeur: CNRS
Hobbies: Volcanoes, photograph, Antarctic, internet/telecom
Member of: * AMAEPF (Amicale des Expéditions Polaires Françaises)
* LAVE (L'Association Volcanologique Européenne)
* SVG (Société de Volcanologie de Genève)


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"Si les hommes ne dansaient pas sur des volcans, je me demande où et quand ils danseraient; l'important est de bien savoir qu'on a le volcan sous les pieds afin de goûter son vrai plaisir d'homme libre."

Bâtons dans les roues - Jacques Perret

Some pictures on volcanoes or elsewhere...

1965, 1967, Terre-Adélie 1983, Terre-Adélie 1983, Hawaii Pu'u O'o 1992, Indonesia Gamalama 1994, Vanuatu Benbow 1996, Indonesia Krakatau 1997, Ile de la Réunion Fournaise 1998, Indonesia Sibayak 1998, Indonesia Bromo 1999, Indonesia Semeru 1999, Indonesia Kawah Ijen 2000, Indonesia Kelimutu 2001, Hawaii Mauna Kea 2002, Indonesia Papandayan 2002, Indonesia Lewotolo 2003, Ethiopia Dallol 2003, Tanzania Lengai 2005, Ethiopia Dallol 2007, Indonesia Marapi 2009, Indonesia Bukittinggi 2009, Indonesia Lokon 2012, Indonesia Dukono 2012, Indonésia Sorikmarapi 2012, Fogo Cabo-Verde 2014, Ethiopia Dallol 2015, Ethiopia Dallol 2016.

Last updates

Yemen 1991
Yemen 1991. Scanned slides from my 1991 travel.

pays Minangkabau
From Padang to Bukittinggi, pictures from the Minangkabau homeland..

parcs et jardins
Some pictures of flowers : jardin Albert Kahn, jardin des plantes, jardin Atlantique, parc de la Tête d'Or, and Colmar.. Others pictures from
Tropical Greenhouse in Nice.

Sumatra 2016
July 2016, some pictures from Sinabung volcano here.

Crue de la Seine 2016
June 2016, the Seine river is in flood, some pictures.

Ethiopie 2016
April 2016: new pictures from Ethiopia:
| Erta Ale | Dallol | Karoum (salt lake) | the travel book |

Ganesh 2015
30 august 2015, some pictures from Chariot festival of Lord Ganesha.

Sumatra 2015
July 2015, some pictures from Sinabung volcano and "Kawah Biru" here.

Ethiopia 2015
Jan 2015, pictures from ethiopia: Erta Ale, Dallol and the Karoum salt Lake.
and the travel book.

Fogo 2014
Dec 2014: volcanic pictures of Fogo (Cabo Verde).
Here the 2014 Fogo Cabo-Verde travel book.

Slideshow Paris
Some pictures from Paris.

Maluku Indonesia
Nov 2013 (and July 2012): volcanic pictures of Maluku (Dukono and Ibu),
Sulawesi (Lokon, Mahawu, Linow, Bukit Kasih) and some pictures of Krakatau.
Here the 2013 Maluku and 2012 Maluku travel book.

My hobby: travelling on VOLCANOES

Don't hesitate to travel on volcanoes. May I suggest to have a look at my selection of photographs...
Italy, Hawaii, Guatemala, Costa-Rica, Indonesia: (Krakatau, Sulawesi + Sangihe, West/Center Java, East Java, Flores + Bali + Nusa Tenggara Timur, Maluku, Sumatra), Vanuatu, Réunion, Island, Ethiopia: (Erta Ale, Dallol, Karoum + Afreda), Tanzania, R.D.Congo, Cabo Verde.
To take the same pictures, call Aventure et VolcansAventure et Volcans

Some pointers to other volcanoes and earthquakes resources? See my bookmarks.
Actual volcanic activity: CultureVolcan

A whole year in Antartic

If you don't like volcanoes, perhaps you prefer the coldness of Antarctic. Go to "Dumont d'Urville", the french research station in Antartic where I have spent a whole year in 1983.

My Bookmarks

Some interesting WWW pages
(hobbies, volcanoes, friends...)


Some personal web pages about countries visited:
Ethiopia: 2016, 2015, 2007, 2003
Fogo (Cabo-Verde 2014)
Sorikmarapi (Indonesia 2012)
Maluku (Indonesia): 2012, 2013
Vanuatu: 2011, 1996+1997
Merapi (Indonesia 2010)
Marapi (Indonesia 2009)
Hawaii: 2009, others years.
R.D.Congo (2006)
Kilimandjaro (Tanzania)
Tana Toraja (Indonesia)
Sumatra (Indonesia)
Kawah Ijen (Indonesia)
Krakatau (Indonesia)
Haut-Atlas (Marocco)
Etna (Italy)
Aeolian islands (Italy)


Tropical Greenhouse - Phoenix - Nice
The Minangkabau homeland
Yemen (1991)
Some flowers...
Seine river is flooding.
Paris... some pictures...
Launch of a charter for gender parity in the academic world - Observatoire de Paris (jan 2013)
Motor Trail Adventure 2012 Payakumbuh - Sumatra - Indonesia
Chariot festival of Lord Ganesha, Paris: 2015, 2013, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005
Cosmic Opera in Paris (oct 2009)
Hawaii Tropical Botanic Garden (may 2009)
"Rallye parisien 100h d'astronomie" - AMA09 (april 2009)
The old metro Sprague (Journées Européennes du Patrimoine sep 2008)
Journées Européennes du Patrimoine at Observatoire de Paris: 2007, 2006, 2005
The planet's nights at Observatoire de Paris (april 2008)
Paris-Plages: 2007, 2006
Minangkabau wedding - Afnita & Pascal - Bukittinggi (june 2007)
Exhibition "100 years with buses in Paris" (oct 2006)
Sunset behind Arc de Triomphe (August 2006)
/rif: indonesian rock band in Paris!!! (june 2006)
Mountain Gorilla, eastern Congo (march 2006)

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